Volume 14, Issue 2

May 1st, 2017

Emmanuel Baptist Church Celebrates 100 Years!

July 22nd & July 23rd 2017

In 1916 a group of people meeting in a house on State St. and calling themselves Emmanuel Mission bought property on the corner of Main and Fairview. They raised the money for a building and in 1917 the building was built. This group of people (40 of whom were from Trinity Baptist Church) formed Emmanuel Baptist Church. Senator Warren Harding promised the first $100.00 for that first building and we have the recorded payment and that $100.00. He became President Harding just after that time. The nation was in WWI in those early days of the church. A parade formed when word came that the war was over, and the people took a large bell from in front of a second hand store and placed on a wagon and rung it through town. After the parade was over and the bell was returned to the store some people from Emmanuel purchased the bell for the bell tower and it remained there sounding the church time until the corner was sold and the bell was removed and stored. We will have that bell on display for our 100th anniversary. Many other items from the past will be on display. On the Saturday evening of the 22nd at 6:00 we will have a fellowship time
with salad and pizza along with pictures of the past and stories told by those that attend you will not want to miss that evening of enjoyment. Then on Sunday we plan to have a wonderful service of remembering and rejoicing. Music from the past as well as a look at the service that formed Emmanuel 100 years ago. We have the record of that service written down in one of our record books, which will be on display that day. We have already heard from several people that plan on coming back to Marion from other states.