Ever wonder what makes a Baptist Church a Baptist Church?

  1. Baptists believe that the Bible is the final authority for us. No word of man or council of men can ever supersede the Bible.
  2. Baptists believe that the local church is an independent body accountable to no one but our Lord. There is no person or organization on earth that can dictate what a local church can or should do.
  3. Baptists believe that every believer today is a priest and may enter the presence of God directly through the Mediator, our Great High Priest, Jesus Christ. There is no need for any human mediator.
  4. Baptists believe the Bible teaches that there are only two ordinances for the local church to practice today—baptism and communion.
  5. Baptist believe that every individual has the liberty to believe as his own conscience or soul dictates. A person should not be forced to believe anything against his will.
  6. Baptists believe that every person who is saved should be baptized and join a local church. Furthermore, only saved and baptized individuals should be allowed to become members of a local church.
  7. Baptists believe the Bible teaches that there are only two offices in the church—pastor and deacon. There is no scriptural support for the hierarchy of offices in many churches today.
  8. Baptists believe the church and state are two separate spheres, and the one should never control the other.